Sasa J. Maechtig, Systems, Structures, Strategies

Saša J. Mächtig is one of the most prominent creative forces in Slovenian industrial design. His best-known and most influential work is Kiosk K67, whose modular design and complex system of elements represents the very essence both of his larger design philosophy and practice. Mächtig’s approach is systemic, with individual products and design strategies consistently conceived as part of a wider system that can develop, grow and change. According to him, urban space should not be furnished with individual, self-sufficient objects, but should instead offer open systems of flexible structures to create active areas that facilitate daily rituals, exchange of information and the participation of all. The publication reflects Mächtig’s systemic thought, interdisciplinary work, concept designs and end products, while showcasing the process of creation, from first concepts and project variations to extensive research, testing in public space and marketing campaigns.

Sasa J. Maechtig, Systems, Structures, Strategies
Softcover with PVC dust jacket
226 pp., 170 × 240 mm
ISBN 978-961-6669-38-2
Published by Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana
Edited by Maja Vardjan
Printed in Slovenia