Surfing World magazine

With the death of the US based 'Surfer' magazine, Australian based 'Surfing World' is now the worlds oldest surf magazine. 'Surfing World' too, like much of the world's printed magazines was on its way out when Sean Doherty (surf writer and surfer) and Jon Frank (surf photographer and surfer) decided to buy the title. The new 'Surfing World' is about story-telling and community... It's a grown up surf-magazine, looking back to the history of surfing, to the uncertain future underscored by the climate emergency and the changing nature of the once male dominated sport. Surf media has followed the money for a long time… but SW wants this to track closer to the culture and give something back to it and grow and contribute to a community that it now relies on to survive in print in the era of 'platform culture' – “If you don’t support this stuff, you’ll be left with your Instagram feed.” (Sean Doherty)

Surfing World magazine no. 414 – ...
168 pp., 220 × 300 mm
Published by Surfing World
Edited by Sean Doherty and Jon Frank
Designed together with Stuart Geddes
Printed in Australia