Peter Rauch, More Objects (after Some Objects)

“What we call the real world is thus merely an idea of a frame in which the sides never touch. With photographs the situation is turned around: We have a frame, which does not form a world, but merely shows the object. Taking a photograph represents a step into the meaningless, for it produces an object, which will on the one hand present a dysfunction of the logics that created it, and on the other produce a draft of its own logic and thus pose the question as to how it should be grasped.”
– Rok Benčin (excerpt from the exhibition catalogue)

Peter Rauch, More Objects
Unbound, 6 untrimmed, folded and collated B2 printing sheets
96 pp., app. 170 × 240 mm when folded
Published by City Art Gallery, Nova Gorica
Edited by Peter Rauch and Ziga Testen
Printed in Slovenia