Emma Phillips, Sing me a lullaby (PHOTO)

In the lead up to the PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography, Emma Phillips was commissioned by PHOTO to make a portrait of Melbourne. ‘Send me a Lullaby’ is a reflection on connection, navigation, and time, as well as the constantly evolving relationship between people and space. Images contemplate urban, domestic, and psychological spaces, interwoven with portraits of people Phillips encountered in Melbourne. The images, taken during different seasons, capture the city as it responds to catastrophic bushfires and a global pandemic.

The book includes a colloquial text in bricolage form – Emma's notes and overheard utterances recorded while working on the project – these texts become a key to unlocking the images. Excerpt bellow – 

Questions to ask R.

  1. what is his middle name
  2. how funny is he on a scale of 1 to 10
  3. when he blinks does he see the world upside down
  4. does he ever tag on instagram

you’re uncomfortable it doesn’t get any better
i am always sincere

Emma Phillips, Sing me a lullaby
48 pp., 208 × 280 mm
ISBN 978–3–95679–397–4
Published by PHOTO and Perimeter Editions, Melbourne
Lithography by Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour and Books)
Printed in the Netherlands